Colorful, Wonderful Swiss Chard

Colorful, Wonderful Swiss Chard

Back when I named this blog I had no idea just how right on I was about greens.  They really are the magical vegetable.  By “greens,” I am referring to the leaves and stems of all edible plants.  My family incorporates them into every meal, which greens depending upon the season and what is readily available at the local farm or market (or yard).  If you need to be reminded why greens is the answer to improving animal welfare, go read my page.  I continue to stress how getting protein from plants improves not only the human condition, but also the lives of other animals, and particularly our environment.

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Earthlings — Our Neighbors

“Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.”
~ Albert Schweitzer

* * *

Earthlings is the most powerful documentary I’ve yet seen.  It gets straight to the heart of the matter, our generally accepted practice of exploiting Earth’s animals for our one species.   Consider for a moment their lives, their liberty or pursuit of their happiness, whatever that may be.  These inalienable rights, supposedly granted to us by God, are not meant for man alone.  Never mind how many lives we have taken in our recent history (subsistence hunting aside), we have secured them a place in our lives for cheap, convenient, abundant food and/or products.  We have turned living beings into widgets.

It is no less than human kind’s assault of the earth.  Consider acceptance.  If we can do it so can you.

Greens.  For good.  For life.

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Watch Earthlings on YouTube or on GreensForGood.


Reblog — Turkey Butts and Giant Turnips


From my other blog. Now, be go happy, eat your veggies, and support your local farmer. It’s a great start. Greens…for good, for life.

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Once per week, the whole DirtNKids clan hops in the 10-yr-old minivan for the 20 minute drive to Bubba’s farm.  During the winter, we load up on greens like mustard, turnip, beet, kale and fresh salad lettuces — my favorite time of year for food for sure.  Greens is what we eat, the mainstay of our diet, if you will, and for more than three years now, he’s our favorite place to “shop.”  If you’re new here, you can read about giant heads of cauliflower and shopping at a farm co-op to catch up. 

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Compassion Starts Here

” We can experience peace when our actions match our values.” ~ Kristin Barton Cuthriell, The Snowball Effect

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GreensForGood missed its first anniversary last August.  No fan fare, no post, no look-back.  I was busy enough juggling a move back into a house, finishing a (what seemed to be) never-ending construction project, and — let’s not forget — continuing to care for myself and my family every single day.   Amazed am I to have survived relatively unscathed.

Throughout that time, my resolve has not changed.  If anything, it’s only gotten stronger.  I found this great food plate which beats the US Government’s version all to heck.  Different than others I’ve seen, this one is pretty exactly how my family and I eat — with greens being the bulk of the plate.  Greens — either fresh or steamed — go with just about everything, and doesn’t spike your blood sugar.

Compassionate Plate (Source:  Virginia Messina,

Compassionate Plate
(Source: Virginia Messina,

No meat, no dairy, no eggs.  Finally.  And an excuse to work in the yard donning a bikini top and some hipsters.  (I know I’m too old, but HEY.  If ya got, ya got it.)

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Reblog — Some Foods I Eat


I could not have written a better post myself! As I am woefully behind on blogging duties — though I continue eating delightfully and consciously in a brand new kitchen — I am leaning on Nick for his insight (and beautiful photos) on how and what to eat while avoiding animals and their products. So easy to do, and no taste compromised whatsoever. There you go. And you’re welcome.

Next, my breakfast, a quickie indeed: wilted turnip greens warmed with olive oil and fresh garlic, topped with my favorite marinara and sprinkled with nutritional yeast. 10 minutes, fridge to tummy.

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Some Foods I EatA while back, a friend asked me “what can you eat if you don’t eat any animal products?”

I jokingly responded “These and only these” holding up the family reunion size Costco bag of veggie straws – vegetable flavored potato chips. But then I realized that if 90% of the foods you eat contain animal products, its difficult to fathom a diet without any animal products. So here is a list of some of the foods I eat that are not made from animals:

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Got Greens?

Cheese.  If there is a vegetarian fence-sitter afraid to go full-on veg, cheese is the goo that keeps them stuck to their post.  To be sure, if I had to choose between a greasy McDonald’s burger and a slice of cheese, I would pick the burger.  It’s said that there is more animal suffering and torture in a slice of cheese than a ribeye.  The life of a dairy cow is far worse than one “fattened up” (after pasturing) for only a short time in a feed lot.

If I had to choose, which I don’t, because I’m not anywhere close to starving.  Greens give me everything dairy does, and more.  So, to all the fence-sitters out there, I’d like to ask, “Got Greens?

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