All Good Things Come In Their Own Time

I’ve had the book for a whole week and I’m only just now getting to read it.  Granted, I burned through 100 pages in just a couple of hours, and the last book I read (a gardening one – my favorite subject!) took me well over a month to complete.

Compelling woman, this Jenny Brown.  There are too many moments in her book that seem as if I wrote the words.  Every 10th page is a very thing I’ve already discussed ad nauseum with my husband – also a convert –  on the quiet of my back porch swing.  We feel the loneliness in our meat-eating society, almost ashamed to be just a closet ethical vegetarian (that’s a new phrase for me).  Our biggest struggle has been in understanding peoples’ collective and chosen ignorance of a system that is both disgusting and destructive, yet at the same time is declared to be working like a well-oiled machine. Cheap, fast, abundant.  I can see why people would be brain-washed to that seemingly innocuous goal.

Jenny Brown, you’ve touched another life.  I will continue passing on the word.  Having heard excerpts from the book, my 10-yr-old wants to read it when I’m done.  I think he’ll have to fight my husband for it first.

“The Lucky Ones” is quite possibly the most touching book I have ever read.  And I’ve only just begun.

Thank you, Jenny.  Thank you for helping me to find my voice and my passion.


5 thoughts on “All Good Things Come In Their Own Time

    1. I’ll bet you could read it cover-to-cover in on an overseas flight. I could have finished it last night, but I really needed to sleep! Hard to put down…emotionally uplifting and draining at the same time.

      It dawned on me (after the fact) that video doesn’t translate well into email – it looks like a photo. The embedded link is a YouTube of Jenny.


      1. In twenty hours, I think I’ll have enough time to read it twice. And, yes, I saw the video, and have the mad urge to give a big old pig a massage … such lovely animals.


  1. Oh my gosh – thank you for sharing about Jenny Brown. This video blows my mind. Yes I may be weaning my carnivorous men (50-something hubby and 20-something sons) off of daily meat as slowly as I can to prevent overt grumbling (or mutiny!), but this motivates me to up the ante, and increase my efforts in further utilizing soy and other amazing plant products that can and do satisfy human diets. Thanks Shannon, for this other (older) site of yours. You are doing great work with your blogs. Oh and BTW we ‘met’ earlier through my other site too. You know, I’m the one with icy sidewalks in the frozen north who wants to move to Texas?! 😉
    Love and Hugs, Gina


    1. It quite literally changed the way I live my life, ever conscious how the little things I do can affect others. And we eat every day, three times or more! Be sure to check the menu pages. Some good links there. “Farm to Fridge” is what ultimately converted my husband and kids; we all had a good cry together, pulled our socks up and made the pledge as a family: “I will stop eating and stealing from my neighbors.”

      “Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.”
      — Albert Schweitzer


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