Hello, Veggieducken. Goodbye, Turkey!

What do you know?  There’s such a thing as Turducken (a chicken, inside a duck, inside a turkey) for vegans.  Substitute for the meat a squash, a couple of sweet potatoes, and some leeks and stuffing, and there you have it:  the Veggieducken.

It’s looking like a new tradition is about to be born for our Thanksgiving celebration.  Provided my sick kid is well, that I can find an appropriate squash, etc., it just might happen this week.  Mmm…sure looks good.  Thank you, CookingChannel.

(For email users, go to the blog to view the 2-minute YouTube video below on how to make — and on just what the heck is — a Veggieducken.)

* * *

What are your vegan Thanksgiving traditions?

Happy Turkey Day Thanksgiving!


6 thoughts on “Hello, Veggieducken. Goodbye, Turkey!

    1. Alas, all the squashes I found (and I LOOKED) were dinky-sized, hardly fitting for the veggieducken. I’ll be ready next year!

      That cashew stuffing? To DIE for!! It would be positively perfect for this dish. With some cashew/pepper no-cheese sauce and some cranberry jelly would totally do the trick. 🙂


      1. Blast, we’re both going to have to be on the hunt next year. I’m determined to have veggieducken! I’m so glad you made the cashew loaf. I’m so in love with it, and that cheese sauce! We’ve been dipping tortilla chips in it. It tastes like nacho cheese!


      2. I made a mac-n-cheese bake with the leftovers and a head of broccoli. Mmm. Kids (and me) gobbled it up. The cheese sauce over cooked greens (collards, mustards, turnip) is also a nice. Like the cashew cheese loaf, tofu/okara, or hummus, it will be a go-to staple in my fridge for quick meals.


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