Reblog — Death by Double Dark Chocolate Fudge

“Mom, THAT’S what I want for dinner,” is what my picky 10-yr-old, most-reluctant-to-embrace-veganism said to me looking at that photo. Mm…Mom concurs.

Life has been too busy to post to GreensForGood lately (go to DirtNKids to see why), but the message still needs to be sent that eating a plant-based diet — 100% no animal products — is both possible AND delicious.

Somer is one of a handful of favorite go-to bloggers I use for busy-family-style meals. Once we discovered that pizza was not only more delicious without cheese but could also be made at home in the oven (to the delight of my children!), we ditched the $5 take-out pizza and all its fat, calories, and pizza box trash. Using fresh ingredients — and now this new-and-exciting “moxerella” cheese dollops — is the way we roll in this household. Smiles all around.

It’s nice to have pizza and ice cream and still be both compassionate and responsible through fun and tasty food choices. Go ahead…DOO it. Make the switch. If we can do it, you can too. And Somer, my kids think you’re the BOMB.

Thanks, girl, for all you’ve done for us in these last few months. We heart you and your blog. — Shannon @ GreensForGood


One thought on “Reblog — Death by Double Dark Chocolate Fudge

  1. You are the best! I’m so glad your family is loving the food! Take out pizza’s got nothing on Foxy Moxy! In the meantime, I’ve gone on a 30 day raw cleanse to try and re-boot my immune system after a very long and sickly winter…. Not sure anyone wants to hear about that, but I’ve got some other stuff up my sleeve 🙂 xx Love you girl!


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