Compassion Starts Here

” We can experience peace when our actions match our values.” ~ Kristin Barton Cuthriell, The Snowball Effect

* * *

GreensForGood missed its first anniversary last August.  No fan fare, no post, no look-back.  I was busy enough juggling a move back into a house, finishing a (what seemed to be) never-ending construction project, and — let’s not forget — continuing to care for myself and my family every single day.   Amazed am I to have survived relatively unscathed.

Throughout that time, my resolve has not changed.  If anything, it’s only gotten stronger.  I found this great food plate which beats the US Government’s version all to heck.  Different than others I’ve seen, this one is pretty exactly how my family and I eat — with greens being the bulk of the plate.  Greens — either fresh or steamed — go with just about everything, and doesn’t spike your blood sugar.

Compassionate Plate (Source:  Virginia Messina,
Compassionate Plate
(Source: Virginia Messina,

No meat, no dairy, no eggs.  Finally.  And an excuse to work in the yard donning a bikini top and some hipsters.  (I know I’m too old, but HEY.  If ya got, ya got it.)

Eating compassionately is not easy.  It is (for the most part) not very convenient either.  Fast (and even some slow) food conveniences that Americans have enjoyed over the last 50 or so years, and continue to enjoy today, are typically at the expense of two things:  1) animals’ welfare, and 2) our environment.  By “animals” I’m talking about both the human and the non-human variety — not just the cow, pig or chicken, but the farmer and field-worker too.  Dig deeply enough into the foods you eat every day and you will learn plenty about what is really very wrong with it.

Yes, we eat every day, and, yes, some of us several times during that day.  It is the one thing that all humans must do, are in complete control over, yet why is the one thing that they are most reluctant to change?  There are diets, and there are diets.  Everyone’s trying to lose weight, get less gluten, no sugar or carbs — something…anything to make them feel or look better.  Eating in America has become a flippin’ whole ‘nuther religion.  

Get this straight, people.  Eating compassionately — what I do — is no diet:  it is a way of life and a matter of exacting change through choice.  Vegans may be weird, but they’re pretty dadgum nice if you give them a chance.  Go ahead.  Ask one how he gets his protein and see what you get in response; no matter what, it will probably be with a smile and a hint of sarcasm.  No doubt, he’ll still be happy you even asked.

For me, eating well is about achieving my own peace through the actions of myself and my family.  I sleep well knowing that the choices I’ve made with food (as well as other aspects of my life) do not knowingly cause harm to others — and my “others” extends further than humans.  I can firmly teach compassion to my children knowing that I don’t discount some because they have feathers, don’t walk on two legs, or have a 401K plan.  Though I can’t say with certainty that I wouldn’t eat my human friends if put in an eat-or-die situation, I can also attest the same for other sentient beings on this earth.  Let’s just say for now, I am far from starving.  

After nearly 3 years, my thirst for knowledge is far from over.  I am firmly rooted in my actions and am willing to tweak and change where situations call.

* * *

Look forward to another post in a week or so, everyone.
Starting the baby back up again.

Cooking up some greens!


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