No one wants to see someone’s pet (cat, dog, bird) treated badly.  There are cruelty laws in place that prevent such a thing.  These laws often land offenders in jail or — at the least — fined for their part in the suffering.

Good. There should be.

Cruelty laws rarely apply to farmed animals, those born and raised solely for the purposes of homo sapiens.  Any laws in place are there for our protection — our safety — not theirs.  Some of the most offensive and egregiously inhumane practices occur in the raising and slaughter of these animals and are [get this] SOP:  standard operating procedure.  Many of them are entirely unnecessary, but continued because animals don’t have a voice, much less any “rights.”  Several animal activism outfits are working to change that.

Good.  They should be.

The groups and people below are working to extend basic farm animal welfare and consideration to be equal to human companions, a/k/a/ pets.  Under-cover work is often required to get attention amid the quagmire of the system we know as lobby and legislation.  This is difficult, thankless work.   Activists are not being paid or funded by their “constituents” [farmed animals], yet they are purposeful, intentional, even undaunted by failure.  They are the voice for the voiceless.

Consider how the human slave trade might have fared if not for the constant pressure of abolitionists at that time, or later in the last century with those demanding “civil rights” among a decades-long separate but equal status quo.  It is the activism of a few committed individuals that exact change.

Good.  It should be.

As you keep an open mind and read from these web sites, you may agree or disagree with specifics.  Try at least to better understand — or perhaps even discover for the first time — the currently accepted model of bringing an animal to the table.  It is the collective ignorance of the populace that perpetuates the industry in the form that it is.

Change starts with you.  

* * *

Earthlings — watch in its entirety via YouTube.  Viewer discretion is advised. — for a shorter 10-minute video showing the reality of the animals-for-food industry.  Viewer discretion is advised.

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Mercy for Animals Blog

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


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