It was easy for me switching to a greens-based:  I simply would think of the “others” who benefited the most.  Perhaps you are on a more inward journey and need information on the long-term — if not immediate — health benefits of adopting a plant-based diet.  Given the right environmental circumstance,  it is entirely unnecessary to consume animals [or their by-products] in any amount; the proof is in the vegan pudding.

In order to round out your own education, I urge you to keep your mind open as you wander through their doors.  The documentaries are all well worth watching, even if you are already a pillar of good health — life-changing if you’re not.

* * *


Preventive Medicine Research Institute

Crazy, Sexy Life

T. Colin Campbell Foundation

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease — great 100% plant-based recipes here!

Food to Glow Blog — Kellie, mostly plant-based
Vedged Out Blog — Somer, vegan

FoodMatters — a food documentary, currently treaming on Netflix


Forks Over Knives — a [plant] food documentary, currently treaming on Netflix


Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead — Joe “the Juicer” Cross in a juicing “fast” documentary


Vegucated — Blogger Marisa Wolfson helps three meat-eating folks switch to a vegan diet for 60 days.



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